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Archive for February 2020

How our Clinic is Coping with Covid-19

The 2019 Coronavirus took many people by surprise. I first read about it on the news in December 2019. By Lunar New Year, things took a rapid turn for the worse and China took an unprecedented measure of locking down a whole province. In Singapore, the atmosphere is tense, but calmer than a week ago when shelves were emptied of rice, instant noodles and toilet paper. Every day, I see most people carrying on with their usual daily activities.

Many of our patients have postponed their appointments to avoid coming to medical centres and hospitals. Our clinic has taken measures to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. These include:

  1. Helping patients with stable conditions top up their medications when they postpone their appointments.
  2. Providing simple advice over the phone or email. We cannot make diagnoses or offer detailed treatment via these medium, but will try to help where we can.
  3. Complying with the Ministry of Health guidelines on screening all patients and accompanying persons at registration.
  4. Instituting temperature monitoring for all staff.
  5. Supplying our staff with personal protective equipment.
  6. Ensuring all staff maintain good hand hygiene.

If you need help, do not hesitate to call or email us. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy. Together, we will overcome.

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