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Archive for June 2020

Sharing Knowledge on Psoriasis and New Treatments (Biologics)

On 16th June 2020, Dr Koh Hong Yi was invited by Bioacademy to give a web-based lecture on Psoriasis – Types of Biologics and the Art of Counselling. In the audience were doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are involved in treating patients with severe psoriasis.

Biologics have been available to treat psoriasis since 2002. But many patients are still unaware, or afraid of this “new” class of therapy. Most biologics are more effective, and often safer, than conventional medications. It is not uncommon now for patients on biologics to achieve clear or almost clear skin! Furthermore, psoriasis is now known to be associated with other medical disorders like coronary heart disease (heart attack), stroke, diabetes and obesity. It is even more important that we treat psoriasis and reduce the risks of having these health problems. There are now more than 7 biologics for psoriasis available in Singapore. How to choose the right one for every individual patient was the focus of the webinar.

The webinar ended with a lively question and answer session that ended beyond the scheduled 1 hour.

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