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5 Minutes to A More Beautiful Skin

Always wanted a better skin complexion, but just doesn’t have the time for complicated skin care regimens? Do 10- or 12-step skin care regimes actually work? Dr Koh Hong Yi is invited by Ego Pharmaceuticals to answer some of your questions about how to achieve that bright and beautiful look without sacrificing time for breakfast or bed. Join us tomorrow at our livestream (https://bit.ly/QVLazLIVE)! You will also stand a chance to win free gifts and great discounts, sponsored by Ego Pharmaceuticals.

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Eczema-Prone Skin: Tips on Good Skin Care

Eczema is one of the most common skin problems. In a series of Q&A*, with host Ursula from Eczema Support Group Singapore, Dr Koh addresses how people with eczema-prone skin should take care of their skin to prevent flare-ups. Catch part 1 of the series here!

#AskDoctor — Episode 1: What Triggers Eczema-Prone Skin

Be Eczema-wise! Find out all about managing eczema-prone skin with QV and Dr. Koh (Consultant Dermatologist at Gleneagles Hospital). Each episode features commonly-asked questions from the Eczema Support Group Singapore members. Follow us to be notified for all 10 episodes! QV is the No. 1 Brand In Singapore Hospitals. Suitable for dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin. #AskDoctor #QVskincare #Eczemawise

Posted by Eczema Support Group Singapore on Friday, December 25, 2020

*A patient education series sponsored by Ego

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Advancing Knowledge in Fungal Skin, Hair and Nail Infections

On 29th October 2020, Dr Koh Hong Yi gave a talk on Fungal infections of the Skin, Hair and Nails to an audience of more than 100 GPs and specialists. This is part of Dr Koh’s contribution to inter-professional education, to share new developments in fungal skin infections with medical colleagues.

Fungal infections of skin, hair and nails are some of the commonest problems seen in the community. While most skin infections can be treated with over-the-counter creams, there is an emerging trend of drug-resistant fungal infections which need newer or more potent medications to be cured. Hair and nail infections, on the other hand, almost always require oral medications to resolve. Delayed treatment may lead to permanent hair loss or nail deformities, respectively.

If you have been managing a fungal infection that is not responding to anti-fungal creams, speak to your doctor if an alternative diagnosis or treatment needs to be considered.

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Thanks for joining us Live on Lazada!

We had a wonderful, interactive session yesterday evening live on Lazada. Together with Ms Ursula Soh (Founder of Eczema Support Group Singapore) and Jamie (from Ego, sponsor of this event), we answered questions from you on what triggers eczema especially during this pandemic, how we can protect our skin, and what are the ingredients of a good cleanser and moisturizer. If you missed this session, we have another live session coming up on 5th November. Stay tuned!

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Have questions about Eczema? Get them answered, LIVE!

Dr Koh Hong Yi will be LIVE on Lazada 9pm tonight (Singapore time) to talk about Eczema and how to take care of Eczema-prone skin! Together will be Ms Ursula Soh, founder of Eczema Support Group Singapore. Always had questions on eczema for a dermatologist, but never had the chance to ask? Now is your chance to get them answered Live! Remember to tune in!

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