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Advancing Knowledge in Fungal Skin, Hair and Nail Infections

On 29th October 2020, Dr Koh Hong Yi gave a talk on Fungal infections of the Skin, Hair and Nails to an audience of more than 100 GPs and specialists. This is part of Dr Koh’s contribution to inter-professional education, to share new developments in fungal skin infections with medical colleagues.

Fungal infections of skin, hair and nails are some of the commonest problems seen in the community. While most skin infections can be treated with over-the-counter creams, there is an emerging trend of drug-resistant fungal infections which need newer or more potent medications to be cured. Hair and nail infections, on the other hand, almost always require oral medications to resolve. Delayed treatment may lead to permanent hair loss or nail deformities, respectively.

If you have been managing a fungal infection that is not responding to anti-fungal creams, speak to your doctor if an alternative diagnosis or treatment needs to be considered.

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Thanks for joining us Live on Lazada!

We had a wonderful, interactive session yesterday evening live on Lazada. Together with Ms Ursula Soh (Founder of Eczema Support Group Singapore) and Jamie (from Ego, sponsor of this event), we answered questions from you on what triggers eczema especially during this pandemic, how we can protect our skin, and what are the ingredients of a good cleanser and moisturizer. If you missed this session, we have another live session coming up on 5th November. Stay tuned!

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Have questions about Eczema? Get them answered, LIVE!

Dr Koh Hong Yi will be LIVE on Lazada 9pm tonight (Singapore time) to talk about Eczema and how to take care of Eczema-prone skin! Together will be Ms Ursula Soh, founder of Eczema Support Group Singapore. Always had questions on eczema for a dermatologist, but never had the chance to ask? Now is your chance to get them answered Live! Remember to tune in!

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Atopic Eczema – Improving Outcomes with Proactive Treatment Approach

On 4th August, Dr Koh Hong Yi delivered a webinar on Optimizing Management Strategies in Atopic Dermatitis. The talk was attended by more than 500 doctors (including dermatologists, paediatricians and GPs) from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. In the session, Dr Koh covered topics ranging from the essentials of good skin care, food allergy and dust mite allergy.

The main focus of the webinar was on adopting a Pro-Active approach to atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema). Most treatments adopt a Reactive approach – patients apply topical medicines only when eczema flares. Latest research shows that even in normal looking skin in atopic eczema, there is low-level inflammation brewing underneath the surface of the skin. If this is not treated, eczema flares easily with minor triggers. A Pro-Active approach targets this low level inflammation, delaying the time to the next flare up, giving patients more days of non-itchy skin and a better quality of life. Pro-Active treatment is safe, easy to follow, and proven to be effective in clinical trials.

The webinar ended with an engaging Q&A session. Many doctors were interested in how a proactive approach can improve the care of their patients with eczema. Dr Koh thanks the Dermatological Society of Singapore and Leo Pharma for facilitating this educational event.

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Sharing Knowledge on Psoriasis and New Treatments (Biologics)

On 16th June 2020, Dr Koh Hong Yi was invited by Bioacademy to give a web-based lecture on Psoriasis – Types of Biologics and the Art of Counselling. In the audience were doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are involved in treating patients with severe psoriasis.

Biologics have been available to treat psoriasis since 2002. But many patients are still unaware, or afraid of this “new” class of therapy. Most biologics are more effective, and often safer, than conventional medications. It is not uncommon now for patients on biologics to achieve clear or almost clear skin! Furthermore, psoriasis is now known to be associated with other medical disorders like coronary heart disease (heart attack), stroke, diabetes and obesity. It is even more important that we treat psoriasis and reduce the risks of having these health problems. There are now more than 7 biologics for psoriasis available in Singapore. How to choose the right one for every individual patient was the focus of the webinar.

The webinar ended with a lively question and answer session that ended beyond the scheduled 1 hour.

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